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10 Reasons to Speak up During Your Next Massage

We might be able to read your muscles, but we can't read your mind.

Proper communication with your massage therapist is the best way to ensure you will receive the highest quality of treatment.

We do our very best to communicate with you and make sure you are comfortable, especially if it's your first treatment. Incase anything gets missed, we have put together this list of common communication points. 

1. What clothing is removed? 

It is best to remove all clothing that covers the areas your massage therapist will be working on. Your body will be covered by a sheet and blanket at all times, your massage therapist will only undrape the areas he/she is working. Ultimately, only remove whatever clothing you are comfortable removing. 

2. Where is the washroom?

If you're wondering whether or not you should go to the washroom, the answer is always yes. There is nothing worse then getting on the massage table and needing to pee half way through your treatment.

3. What didn't you like during your last massage? How did you feel after?

Have you ever thought to yourself "my last massage would have been perfect if"? Let us know!

Whether your massage was done by a massage therapist at Bliss or not, we want to hear it. If you're returning to Bliss from a previous treatment, please let us know exactly how you felt after your last treatment, and be honest.

4. Do you feel like talking?

Some people are comforted by talking to their massage therapist, others prefer peace and quiet. Please let us know! Maybe one appointment you feel like talking, and the next appointment you don't. Simply say "I'm feeling tired today", "I feel like relaxing today", or "I want to zone out today".

As a general rule our massage therapists try our best not to speak during our treatments unless you are initiating conversation.   

5. What type of music do you prefer? 

Do you find music with words distracing? Perhaps you prefer no music at all, or music with gentle lyrics. 

Please let us know! We have a wide variety of music we can play. All of or treatment rooms have bluetooth speakers, if you would like to put on your own music we would be more then happy to listen to your playlist. 

6. Exactly what areas would you like to have treated?

This is something your massage therapist will definitly cover. Perhaps you want your back and neck treated, but more time on the back than the neck. These are small things we can accommodate if you speak up. 

7. What type of pressure do you like? Are you comfortable? 

Again this is something your massage therapist will cover. However, everyones idea of pressure is different. Let us know if the agreed upon pressure feels too light or too deep. 

Are you feeling hot or cold? Is your face or body pillowing uncomfortable? We can always make adjustments to make you as comfortable as possible. 

8. Is the treatment too painful? 

When working to relieve muscular tension some discomfort is often felt. With that being said, the treatment does not have to be painful in order to be effective. Please let us know the moment anything feels like it is too painful or intolerable. Massage therapists know when they are working in an uncomfortable area, and will check in to make sure you are comfortable. 

9. How are you feeling after the treatment?

Be honest we want to hear exactly how you are feeling. Sometimes people feel light headed or what we like to call "massage drunk". We have a water cooler and mason jars in our waiting room for this reason. Please have a glass of water and wait a few minutes before driving. 

10. Should you rebook?

Ask your massage therapist...

For rehabilitation scenarios your therapist will be able to give you their professional opinion on an appropriate treatment plan timeline. They will never continue to treat or recommend more treatment if they feel that massage isn't improving your condition. If massage therapy isn't helping, they will refer you to another healthcare professional who they are certain can.  

Remember it is YOUR treatment, YOU have the right to stop or modify your treatment at anytime. The best communication will give you the best results. 

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