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We ensure high quality of care that exceeds your health goals. Our team of healthcare providers strive for clinical excellence in all aspects of treatment. We provide massage therapy by appointment and direct billing.

massage therapy


Massage therapy alleviates pain, reduces muscular tension and improves joint mobility, circulation and lymphatic function.



 Perinatal Massage 

  Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage

 Pelvic Health Massage

 Myofascial Release and Cupping 

 Manual Lymphatic Drainage 

 Sports Massage 


 Athletic Taping

Registered Massage Therapy:

 Muscular Pain and Discomfort  


 Low back and Hip Pain 

 Pregnancy and Breast Pain


 Arthritis and Tendonitis 

 Stress/ Anxiety/ Chronic Fatigue 

 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

 Plantar Fasciitis

 TMJ Dysfunction 

Pelvic Health Massage Therapy:

 Abdominal and Diaphragm Pain



 Pelvic Pain

 Low Back Pain

 Hip and SI Pain

 Pregnancy Pain

 Diastasic Recti

 Postpartum Treatment

 C-Section Scar Treatment 


Treatment Rates

*All rates INCLUDE HST

30 Minutes - $75

45 Minutes - $95

60 Minutes - $113

Diana Burrage RMT, Current Study

Osteopathy is a natural medicine that views the individuals as a functioning whole, requiring optimal health and harmony in all parts for wellness and vitality. Osteopathy uses precise palpatory and manipulative techniques to assess and test the restrictive mechanisms which prevent the various parts of the body from fulfilling their natural functions, preventing you from feeling healthy and fit. Osteopathy is unique in that it focuses on the cause of pain and dysfunction rather than concentrating only on the symptoms. 


The objective of Osteopathy is to restore mobility and proper function to every system in a body experiencing dysfunction and restriction. Restoring mobility and proper function to each system allows normal interrelationships between systems. When normal anatomical and physiological exist between the body's systems, there is health in the whole.


By Appointment Only

Mon       9am-8:30pm

Tue        8am-8:30pm

Wed      8am-8:30pm

Thu       8am-8:30pm

Fri         8am-6:00pm

Sat    9:30am-2:30pm

Sun   9:30am-2:30pm



We require 24 hour notice for all appointment cancellations. Cancelled appointments with less than 24 hours notice are subject to charge. 

7A Progress Drive, Orillia ON L3V 6H1
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