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perinatal massage therapy

Perinatal massage therapy treatment is focused on the time period before and after the birth of your baby. 


before birth

 A healthy way to reduce discomfort and promote overall wellness.


Massage therapy during pregnancy is a safe and comfortable choice for prenatal care. This time period is centred on reducing the muscular pain and discomforts that are often associated with pregnancy such as 


 • Lower and upper back pain • Neck pain and headaches • Hip pain and sciatica • Leg cramping •  Foot & hand swelling • Carpal Tunnel 

after birth

Supporting mothers as they adjust to life with a newborn.

Massage therapy after the birth of your baby is an effective way for new mothers to unwind and care for themselves. Massage therapy treatment during this time period is often focused on the muscular discomfort that is associated with caring for your new baby such as 

 • Breast pain and discomfort • Nursing neck and upper back pain • Baby carrying lower back and hip pain • Reducing stress, anxiety and improving emotional health

pelvic health massage therapy
For women in all stages of life. Receive treatment for the following conditions:

• Abdominal and constipation treatment • Pelvic, low back and SI pain • Incontinence • Pregnancy related pain and Diastasis Recti • Postpartum pain and C-Section scar treatment 


Brianna, Megan, Diana, and Roxanne have additional training in pelvic health massage. Pelvic health massage works best in combination with a pelvic health physiotherapist.



infant massage

Book a postpartum treatment and learn how to perform infant massage. Nurture and bond with your baby by incorporating infant massage into your daily routine.


Infant massage: 

• Encourages interaction and strengthens bond between parents and baby • Positively affects infant hormones that control stress • Helps baby relax and develop sleep patterns • Relieves symptoms of colic

• Reduces crying

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