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We are thrilled to announce that Gillian MacDonald-Rigden is now co-owner of Bliss Wellness. Over the past three years Roxanne Collins has grown the business from 1 to 10 massage therapists. Roxanne owes the success and exponential growth of Bliss Wellness to her passionate and talented team of RMTs, loyal and supportive client base, and their rapport with the incredible team at Lake Country Physiotherapy. Without any of these factors, Bliss Wellness could not have grown to where it is today. Gillian is beyond excited to join Roxanne at the helm of Bliss as it moves forward into a bright future! From the beginning, Gillian has felt right at home here with both clients and coworkers. She has a strong commitment to seeing Bliss grow, and is looking forward to working with Roxanne and all the staff to make that happen. Together Roxanne and Gillian will be able to open up new and exciting avenues for Bliss Wellness. This is just the beginning for Bliss!

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