What is Yoga Therapy?

According to the the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the governing body:

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.

In other words, yoga therapy or therapeutic yoga is:

  • Personal. It is delivered one-to-one or in a small group setting.

  • Adaptable. It is movement, stillness and breath in endless combinations to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and everyday life.

  • Fun. Therapeutic yoga is explorative and customized for each client’s unique blend of personal qualities, lifestyle, medical condition(s), fitness level, and personal / physical goals.

  • Dynamic. It evolves over time and it changes depending upon how a client is doing on any given day.

  • Empowering. It is aimed at creating a realistic and sustainable home program.

  • Inclusive. It is a practice for anyone whether experienced or new to yoga.

What Therapeutic Yoga is not:

Therapeutic yoga is not a medical diagnosis or medical treatment; talk or cognitive therapy; or learning a sequence of yoga poses to mimic a teacher or image in a yoga magazine.

What is special about Elements Yoga Therapy’s therapeutic yoga approach?

We focus on skill building for selfcare through noticing unhelpful movement patterns. We do this through developing awareness of the factors that are present before pain or strain occurs, as well as the factors occurring when pain is not present. We will help you learn to notice the qualities of efficient movement and measure progress.

How can Yoga Therapy support other therapies that I am using?

YT provides complimentary movement and awareness building which supports other therapies. You are welcome to bring your current exercises with you – and we will work them into your own yoga practice.

YT provides safe, closely monitored transition from post-rehab to everyday life. This is typically weekly for 4-6 weekly private sessions depending upon individual circumstances. We also offer continued support through regular (biweekly or monthly) therapeutic yoga as fitness utilizing increased load, complexity, and duration as appropriate to your individual needs.

If you would like to book a complementary 20 minute assessment to discuss your wellness journey contact Civi at 705-790-7934 or email health@elementsyogatherapy.ca.

Civi Jacobsen (E-RYT350, C-IAYT candidate 2018) is founder and owner of elements yoga therapy inc.


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